Tips to consider before shopping for plants

April 29, 2011 at 6:04 pm Leave a comment

Spring is here and the weather is perfect for planting vegetables and flowers in our gardens.  I always advise people to take a little time and make a few decisions before heading off to the garden center.  First, decide what you are going to plant and where.   Do this by assessing the amount of sunshine or shade in the landscape, a general definition of full sun is 6 hours of sun per day in a given area.  Decide where drifts of color would brighten the landscape and where containers filled with flowers would create visual accents.   Consider a color theme or combination to carry throughout your garden.

In the vegetable garden measure  the growing space to insure enough plants are purchased to fill the garden.  Would including a few containers expand your growing space or would incorporating raised beds make the garden easier to manage? 

Once at the garden center look for plants that are not loose in the container.  Choose plants with a stout stem that  are well branched.  Look for plants with healthy leaves, a few yellow leaves on the older or lower portion of the plant is acceptable since you will be fertilizing them shortly after planting.  Be sure the plants are labeled to be able to identify them once home.

Following these easy steps will help you enjoy a beautiful garden all season long.

Happy Gardening!


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